Post Class

Philbrook's has a rich tradition of building offshore and long range vessels that began nearly fifty years ago. In the 1970's Philbrook's began construction of the first series of a Bill Garden designed "Post Class" fisheries patrol vessels. The vessels attained the name, "Post" class, from the practice of the Canadian Fisheries Department of the time, who named their vessels "Comox Post", "Atlin Post", etc.. These rugged patrol vessels were followed by several yachts built from the same molds. The Patrol vessels and yachts are still in service and retain their distinctive rugged profile to this day amongst the more recent editions of cruisers, trawlers and motor yachts.

The family of Post class trawlers and expedition boats has evolved from the proven 65 foot Post Class patrol vessels. The new additions include 48, 55 and 78 footers.


From our first days, Philbrooks primary achievements have been in Boat Building (See our History section). Whether it’s a weekend pleasure cruise or fulfilling a lifelong dream of ‘running away to sea’ – albeit very leisurely, our crafts and infrastructure teams will combine to build a vessel that will exceed your expectations.