Additional services

Philbrook’s is pleased to provide a variety of additional services to subscribers of the Yacht Care Program. Additional services include:

  • 25% off on haul-outs for any work done at Philbrook’s Boatyard
  • Pre - and Post - trip cleaning inside and out (let us know your departure / arrival time and where you want us to clean / detail)
  • Pre-trip provisioning (let us know the size of your party and the length of your trip)
  • Pre - trip fuelling and watering (let us know when you want to depart and we’ll ensure that all tanks are topped and ready for use)
  • Detailing, including cleaning, waxing, buffing of exterior, and vacuuming, cleaning and polishing of interior
  • Bright work touch up - light touch up of brightwork to maintain surface and protection
  • Ground Transportation - direct comfortable and convenient ground transportation from air or ferry services to your yacht
  • Medical Assistance - let us know where you’re traveling and we’ll identify qualified professional medical resources to meet your specific requirements
  • Crew recruiting service - let us know the type of crew skills, the kind of people that you like working with and the location and duration of the assignment and we’ll provide you with a great list of qualified potential crew members to interview
  • Spare part and inventory management - we’ll inventory and store specific spare propellers, gensets, or any other key parts or components that you don’t want to lose your cruising time through service interruptions
  • Cruising Permits and Customs Clearances - let us know the dates and countries that you want to visit and we’ll arrange for appropriate permits and clearances
  • For more information, contact us at: